The Internet Was Introduced To The World’s Nosiest Subway Rider And Lost Their Mind

Photo: Twitter

If you’ve ever been on a subway you’ll notice a few things: that it smells like urine, that someone is performing acrobats off the pole next to you, that the dude next to you may or may not be touching himself and that 99% of people are on their phone. Oh, and if you ride with the guy in this story everything you do on your phone he will know about. Let us explain.

A Twitter user decided to take a few photos while on the subway of a man who had zero shame in checking out what other people were doing on their phone. Take a look at it below thanks to her Twitter.

And now here is a much closer look.

nosy subway passenger1

Photo: Twitter

nosy subway passenger2

Photo: Twitter

nosy subway passenger3

Photo: Twitter

nosy subway passenger4

Photo: Twitter

Perhaps this is the first time this dude is seeing a cellphone. Or perhaps his phone died and he wants to know what’s currently going on in the internet world. Well, what’s currently going on is he’s being called the nosiest subway rider ever.

And of course Twitter had to chime in.

Well, here’s hoping this dude gets his own phone one day — or at least one better than the flip phone his grandkids gave him.

h/t Someecards

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