So A Woman Tried To Sell Used Leggings Left Behind By Cheating Partner’s Mistress

Photo: prudkov (Getty)

Well that’s one way to deal with this type of situation.

There’s plenty of perverts out there so I wouldn’t be surprised if this lady got a few offers to buy a pair of used leggings worn by the woman who was shacking up with her partner. What we mean is that a lady discovered that she had been cheated on. And how did she discover that? Well she found the evidence in her bedroom — a pair of leggings that didn’t belong to her.

So instead of taking a blowtorch to them, his lady just decided to try and sell them. Just check out the Facebook ad below to see for yourself.


Photo: Facebook

“Perfect for a whore”? Well, that’s quite the description. And clap included? Wow. Although, instead of calling out the lady who hooked up with your dude, this woman should probably be calling out her partner instead. That would probably make more sense. That is unless she’s going to attempt to sell his Playstation — that would hurt him big time.

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