Nevada Teacher Busted After Having Sexual Relationships With Two Students

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Well she definitely was keeping herself busy.

It’s been a little quiet on the teacher/student hookup front lately, but of course a teacher from Nevada had to break that silence. And that teacher’s name is Tennille Whitaker. The 40-year-old teacher was arrested recently and charged with, and get this, eight counts of sexual conduct with a pupil after it was discovered that the teacher had a sexual relationship with two students over the course of two years.

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The two students were between the ages of 16 and 18 and were students at Wells Combined School. The Elko County Sheriff’s Department began investigating last year after receiving a tip from a parent who noticed Whitaker was behind closed classroom doors with a student and thought it was inappropriate. Oh, and the parent was right because some of the sexual acts occurred on school grounds.

Also, earlier this year, the school district began conducting its own investigation. Teachers and staff were spoken to as well as students, who claimed they were not aware of any sexual activity between Whitaker and students. But all of this came to a head recently as the truth was revealed and Whitaker was handcuffed.

Elko County School District Superintended Jeff Zander had this to say:

“The teacher has been placed on administrative leave with pay pending full investigation and we’re fully cooperating with the sheriff’s office to facilitate the investigation. The Elko County School District takes this very seriously and we have policies in place to prohibit this type of conduct. As I stated earlier, the safety of our students is the highest priority.” 

Let’s just assume she won’t be working as a teacher ever again. Whitaker has now been released from jail on $160,000 bail.

Via Elko Daily Free Press

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