New Jersey TV Viewers Freaked Out After Seeing Nuclear Power Plant Warning During Primetime

Photo: Three Lions (Getty)

Oh hell no, not while I’m watching my stories.

The last thing you want to see when you’re on your couch and watching enough TV to distract you from your crummy life is an emergency message on TV that suggest you may or may not be confronted by a wave of radioactive activity. But that’s exactly the type of message viewers in New Jersey got recently.

Earlier this week, people in parts of southern New Jersey were freaked out of their mind when this messaged appeared on their screen probably while watching The Voice.

Not cool, guys.

According to the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management the “nuclear power plant warning” was created as part of a training exercise. Well this is a pretty realistic exercise if you ask me.

“The message was intended for a small group of emergency management personnel who were participating in the exercise,” the agency said. “As a result of a coding error, the message was publicly broadcast.”

Well, I’m sure those folks are glad to know that a nearby nuclear plant didn’t go haywire. Now they can move on with their life and hope New Jersey doesn’t shit the bed again. Unlikely.

h/t Huffington Post

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