Woman Discovers Someone Is Using Her Photos To Catfish A Dude, Takes Advantage Of It

Photo: MTV

Nev wouldn’t be too happy with this exchange.

Thanks to MTV, “catfish” has become a huge part of our culture, as tons of people have been busted trying to trick people into thinking they are someone they actually aren’t. Just take those two students who were arrested after they catfished a teacher to get his nude photos. But now we have sort of a twist in the typical catfish story.

Twitter user Samantha Bekebeke, from South Africa, recently got a strange request from a stranger. Apparently a woman reached out to her asking for a specific type of photo because she had been using Bekebeke’s photos to catfish a guy, and now she needed proof in order to get the guy to send her money. And let’s just say that Bekebeke took advantage of this.

Let’s first check out the tweet below thanks to Bekebeke’s friend:

Here’s a closer look at the exchange:

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

Bekebeke then took it to Twitter to clarify the situation, and to reveal she actually received a share of the money:

Well then. Of course, people were celebrating this:

But of course, this girl had the right idea:

Yep, she gets it. In conclusion, let’s stay away from catfishing someone or you might end up being murdered.

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