A Family Of Rats Set A Guy’s Car On Fire And Tony Hawk Was There To Watch

Photo: Mark Davis (Getty).

Having car problems is one of the biggest pains in the ass you can have as a working adult. You’re trying to get to work and suddenly you car starts making noises. You then begin to feel the dollars in your already depleted checking account doing a nose dive straight into negative status.

If you take good care of your car, this is extra irritating because you can’t imagine why it would do something like this after you’ve given it enough love and attention to make your girl feel like a side-chick. Unfortunately, even if you’re on top of the maintenance, things can (and will) be out of your control — or maybe a family of rats is out to sabotage the whole thing.

Family Of Rats Set Car On Fire

Last week, New Yorker Alec Steinfeld was driving down the street when he smelled something funky coming from the inside of his Volkswagen. When he pulled over, a fire broke out and his beloved V-dub was a total loss.

“I drove the car for about 4 miles out from my apartment when I began to smell burnt plastic and road kill,” he commented in a Facebook post. “Then smoke started to pillar. I pulled over and got out of the car. My engine was done within 3 minutes. The fire department arrived shortly after.”

When Alec opened the hood, he found the culprits: two dead rats that apparently chewed on the wiring enough to make it spark and set the car ablaze. Two more rats were chilling in his rims like they owned the place. Assholes.

While he was out a car, Alec didn’t come away from the situation without something to smile about. There to witness the event was none other than pro skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, who just happened to be in the area and agreed to take a picture with the now-public-transit-using New Yorker.

rat car tony hawk

Photo: Alec Steinfeld / Facebook

I hear rats are an issue in New York. Too bad Tony isn’t a literal hawk, because that would be an easy solution to the problem.

h/t Bowery Boogie

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