Douchebag Meme: Scumbag Steve Strikes Again

We use memes for the laughs, socializing, finding the meaning of life, the usual stuff, but quite often they are a perfect way to relieve stress by getting something off your chest. It is of that need that the douchebag meme we come to know as Scumbag Steve came to be. And what this piece of meme history is, besides always relevant, is an image macro series in which text depicting scummy, douchey behavior is placed on a photo of a young man standing at a door, wearing a fur jacket and a flat baseball hat, turned sideways of course.

The image originated from the cover of an album “Ma Gangsta” by the obscure rap group Beantown Mafia, it was uploaded with captions to Reddit where it got the treatment and reputation it deserved. The common themes of the meme are borrowing things without intent to return them, being obnoxious, and doing small, but peeving and socially unaccepted acts.

Here we have some of the best douchebag memes, personified by Scumbag Steve, the person you love to hate.

The success of this meme is a result of its relatability, unfortunately, and everyone who smoked a joint in their life has encountered this inconsiderate tool of a pot-smoker that will make you cough three days after smoking.

A legendary Scumbag Steve meme, one that truly captures his obliviousness to social norms. But the most infuriating thing about this kind of behavior is that it goes through easily, breaking one of the rules of partying, like don’t talk to people about anything other than memes on them.

The flat baseball hat is a great way to recognize a potential Scumbag Steve, but when you see the unforgivable sticker on you know that the person should be avoided in a long circle.

This douchebag meme brings back high school traumas, as hopefully, you rooted out this type of person from your life now.

As any good meme, the Scumbag Steve produced a lot of variations, and as girls could be douchebags too, a few images got that treatment. While Scumbag Stacy was the most popular, this meme is the best, that is most relatable.

Scumbag Steve is basically the reason why we have Bruhh memes now.

Towards the end of the peak of the douchebag meme it was actually determined that it was the hat that holds the scumbaggery and douchebaggery like the One Ring in Lord of The Rings, so basically Steve is like Frodo.

We like animals very much here at Crave, but they too can be douchebags something, but at least we get some great memes out of it.

There was, is, and forever will be scumbags in our life, and instead of getting infuriated by them, you should convert their idiotism to awesome memes, or just go look at cat memes, either way, you’ll feel great.

It was revealed that Scumbag Steve is actually Blake Boston, a rapper from the aforementioned rap group Beantown Mafia and that his mom took the infamous photo, while also stating that the rest of the bunch were even worse. And Stev… Blake, actually made a rap song about his awarded internet pseudonym and was also highly open to talking about the sensation of becoming a meme.

Did you ever come up with your own douchebag meme? Share it or your favorite Scumbag Steve memes in the comments below.

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