Best Old Memes To Remind Us of Kinder, More Civilized Times

Damn it, we’re so old that even memes are making us feel old now. Old memes that is. You might not even realize it, but memes have gone through a meteoric evolution that your personality can never achieve, and as the leading image illustrates, we’ve gone so far from the humble beginnings of the meme-heavy internet. Somehow, things that were considered dirty then are barely worth noting now, but things that were common jokes then, are now forbidden grounds from the political correctness police.

Either way, it’s fun to look back at the roots of the meme culture that is now running our lives. Back when Bad Luck Brian, Scumbag Steve, and Nicolas Cage were primary tools of communication. Prepare for a lot of nostalgy sighs.

The Best Old Memes

Cool old memes
In Soviet Russia memes make you. Russia is a weird place, a gold mine for memes, and this was illustrated by the In Soviet Russia… memes. It spawned other country memes with this premise, but the Russian ones were the funniest for obvious reasons. Vodka. Lakes of Vodka.
Awesome old memes
Back in the day, philosophy classes could barely hold our attention for more than five minutes, but making existential questions on an image of a Velociraptor consumed our whole nights. The Philosoraptor, as he was known, would get put down for asking these types of questions in 2018.
Great old memes
We sure were angry back then, and the only way we learned how to deal with the soul-igniting anger is with making FUUUUUU memes. This worked really well with the Twilight mania that was at its high back then. Also note the high design quality that old memes had back then.
Old memes for internet veterans
Graphs, we were also really into making graphs. They depicted all areas of our lives but mostly highlighted our inability to communicate like normal human beings.
Rage faces old memes
Remember le time when everybody on le internet put “le” in front of everything? Why did we do that? Most likely because of the aforementioned inability to communicate like people in the world did. Back then, internet memeing was only for the selected few. Selected by the psychiatrist of the world. Also, people who haven’t done “the Simba” to their significant other haven’t really lived.