Angry Memes Are The Best Way To Showcase You’re Pissed

Everybody deals with anger in different ways, some let it spew out of them in fits of rage, others meditate, transform it into art, or work out to extinguish it, while the best kind of people makes angry memes. All kidding aside there is something truly therapeutic into memeifying your angry situation and realizing that there are millions of people who can relate to it, or just find it funny as that’s when you’ve won the anger by turning it into something positive.

Here we have the coolest memes that the anger community that is planet Earth has gathered. We’re basically pros at this.

Best Angry Memes
Angry memes

There is no better way of showing someone that you’re pissed at them than spouting out “Come at me bro”, even if it’s your girlfriend that is upset with you. But when it’s attached to a hedgehog it’s like a trump card. Nobody messes with a pissed off hedgehog.
Coolest angry memesAnger can get to the best of us, and this angry meme is a great way to showcase you’re pissed even though if you’re generally peaceful and worldly. But don’t be surprised if your friends start serving you drinks in plastic cups from then on. Don’t worry, who can be the most interesting man in the world without a few scraps and few broken bottles.
The best angry memesThe internet is the source of our happiness (like it is for you right now) and is also sometimes the source of our biggest anger rushes and possible brain aneurysms. We all fantasized about physically hurting that one 13-year-old from Estonia who just won’t accept that 2Pac is better than Kendrick Lamar on that one YouTube video, and this is our dream fantasy.
Cat angry memesIf anger had a spirit animal it would be a cat, and since it’s the official animal of the internet, of course, someone put two and two together. This is that ace in the sleeve you pull out when friends cancel on your carefully crafted plans 30 minutes before the meet-up.
Bunny angry memeEveryone knows that the worst kind of anger is the calculated, calm anger when someone is still managing to articulate themselves but still coming of terrifying. The one that turns one of the cutest animals ever into a murdering psychopath.
Angry memes for pure rageOk, scratch that thing we said about bunnies being one of the cutest animals, as this creature came straight from the depths of hell. It’s just the thing you need to terrify your enemies (or your friends or family, whatever) and make them tremble.
Very angry memes

In the meme community, the “Have You Ever” memes have become the biggest part of the angry memes section and for a reason. They are awesome, and when life throws you a curve ball of meeting too many Scumbag Steve’s you have to react in a way that is proportional to their scumbaggery.
Angry meme cactusThe swinging cactus man is a true legend and he is the ultimate form of anger achieved by humanity. Throwing poisonous hedgehogs at cops might be the next step in this evolution, but hopefully, it won’t come to that.
Angry memesBut in the end it’s important to remember it’s not good to be angry for too long or to keep this destructive emotion inside ourselves, even if it’s for the glorious angry memes like these ones, and we should all unwind with those who make us laugh.

Help others release the valve by sharing some additional cool angry memes in the comments bellow, and don’t forget to send your friends this anger management therapy in the form of awesome memes.

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