Tell the Cold to Eff Off and Sport This Heated Vest Next Time You’re Outdoors

Winter hasn’t even officially started and you’re already sick of it. The cold? It’s never been your thing. The minute you walk out the door your body immediately tenses up and you want to start shouting expletives. If only you could sit in front of the heater all day…Well, there’s a smart person out there who designed a heated vest, something perfect for this exact scenario, and we think you’re going to need to add it to your winter wardrobe. The Be Warm Heated Vest will be a wintertime game changer. Because we’re extending our Cyber Monday sale, you’ll be getting this vest on sale for $49.99 (Reg. $149) until 11/20/22! Start shoppin’.

This hooded vest has seven heat zones! All you have to do is connet the power bank (not included) to the USB plug inside the inner pocket of the vest. The power button is located on the outside upper chest of the vest. The heat zones are located on the back of the neck, in the lower front, and on the back. There’s also three heat levels so you can adjust the temperature setting as needed. Just long press the power bank for three seconds to activate the heat. Now you can walk the dog or walk to work or class in heated comfort instead of being pissed at Mother Nature for making you miserable. 

The vest is skin friendly (won’t burn you), super stylish, has side pockets (!!!), and is waterproof. So if it starts snowing, raining, the whole nine, it won’t soak through and make you extra wet. Wear it over your sweatshirt, sweater, or long sleeve tee to complete the look. It’s a versatile piece that will look good with any casual outfit.

The Be Warm Heated Vest is price-dropped at $49.99 for a limited time only so don’t wait too long to get it. You’ll regret it.

Prices subject to change.


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