Miami Woman Meets Dudes At Clubs, Goes Back To Their Places To Drug And Rob Them

Photo: Sam Edwards (Getty)

While most girls are too busy taking selfies and crying on each other’s shoulders at clubs, one Miami woman was too busy going back to guy’s places in order to rob them blind.

Yomna Fouad, a 21-year-old woman was arrested and is facing multiple grand theft charges after being accused of drugging guys she met at clubs, only to rob them of tens of thousands of dollars worth of high-end jewelry. Damn. Fouad was only busted by police after one of her victims spotted her again outside a club.

“When I saw her with tattoos on her hand that’s when I knew automatically that it was her,” the man, who didn’t want to be identified, told NBC 6. “I was waiting outside to go inside the club and she was going out the club. I walked up to her and I was like ‘wait a minute, this can’t be what I’m seeing.’ She looked at me and said ‘I don’t know you’ and she tried to run away.”

Woman Drugs And Robs Men She Meets At Clubs

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The man, who is 31 years 0ld, explained that back in March outside of the Dream nightclub on Miami Beach, he started talking to Foaud. She asked to go back to his place. That should have been red flag number one for this dude: no woman brings up going back to a man’s place. Not ever.

“We had a couple of drinks, we went upstairs, she started giving me a massage,” the man explains. “The next thing I knew, I woke up in the morning, she was gone.”

And what else was gone? Well, the dude’s cash, clothes, Rolex and jewelry. All of these things totaled up to more than $32,000.

“She has an innocent face, I was not expecting that from her,” the man adds. “Something like this definitely caught me off guard.”

Florida wasn’t the only place Foaud targeted, as investigators believe she also stole in New Jersey, North Carolina and even New York.

And all these dudes wanted was some sex.

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