Poor Irish Dude Crushed To Death By 40 Tons Of Cheese

Photo: Syfy

Brings a whole new meaning to the term “lactose intolerant.”

According to the International Business Times, a 32-year-old Dublin man sadly lost his life last year when he was crushed by 40 tons of cheese that fell from pallets that were stacked inside the storage warehouse where he worked.

At a trial last month, the jury ruled that Robert Cermuga’s death was accidental despite hearing stories that a forklift driver may have been working without the proper training. Cermuga allegedly walked into the VP Foods storage room to ask the forklift driver if he had taken his break, and it was at that point that 4o pallets of cheese – each tipping the scales at one ton – fell on top of him.

Photo: Gleeker (Getty)

Photo: Gleeker (Getty)

It was unknown if the pallets had collapsed as a result of their own weight or if the forklift driver bumped them with his machine, but either way, the driver was able to escape while Cermuga was tragically not as fortunate. The jury insisted that future forklift drivers receive better training and more care be taken when adjusting the racking systems.

Seriously, that was a true story.

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