Pennsylvania Woman Stabs Boyfriend During Argument Over How To Cook An Easter Ham

Photo: Diana Miller (Getty)

Just the way Jesus would have wanted his big day to be celebrated.

According to The Smoking Gun, a 28-year-old Snow Shoe Township woman was arrested and charged with felony assault as well as misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment, harassment and simple assault after she allegedly attacked her 52-year-old boyfriend with an 11-inch steak knife during an Easter weekend dispute.

Exactly what were the two lovers arguing over? You guessed it: how to cook the Easter ham.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Police said that after arguing in the kitchen of the house they share, Greg Serb decided to put the ham in the oven. At the same time, Kareese Raven grabbed a steak knife and “began swinging it at him” for “unknown reasons.” It’s assumed the small laceration on Serb’s chest and deep laceration were a result of the knife, but police said the injuries to Serb’s face came after Raven threw a ceramic bowl at him that drilled him right in the head.

Serb finally made the wise choice to get the hell out of there, but on the way out the door, Raven allegedly threw the ham and some shoes at him just for good measure.

Sounds like make-up sex between these two is going to be pretty intense.

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