10th-Grader Hacks School’s Computers, Charges People Fee To Change Their Grades

Photo: BrianAJackson (Getty)

Now that’s how you run a business.

If the internet thought that kid boldly standing still outside during a hail storm was a hero, the student in this story has to be more than a hero. Let us explain. Last month an unidentified sophomore at Memorial High School in Texas was arrested after it was discovered that the 10th-grader had gained access to the school’s computer system by hacking it. And guess what? The student actually charged other students a fee to change their grades. What a genius.

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“At this time, an ongoing investigation has found only one other underclassman paid the student to change their grades,”  a representative from Spring Branch ISD said.

And here’s what Memorial High School had to say:

“A Memorial High School sophomore student was arrested by SBISD Police on March 31, 2017, and was later charged with breach of computer security, a state jail felony charge.

Using a stolen password, the student gained access to the district’s information system and changed personal grades.”

Well, as you read, this high schooler was charged with breach of computer security. But hey, even if this student doesn’t decide to go to college, perhaps Putin will have a job already lined up for this young hacker.

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