So Here’s A Catholic School Teacher Who Was Arrested For…Yep, Having Sex With A Student

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These teachers just continue to give everyone more and more stories to write about.

It was honestly just yesterday that we told you about a teacher and softball coach that had a sexual relationship with one of her female students, so of course just one day later we have another wild teacher. And this time around she’s a Catholic high school teacher.

Theresa Hrindo, a 25-year-old who taught graphic design part-time at Roselle Catholic High School in New Jersey, is being accused of having a sexual relationship with a student from the same high school that she herself graduated from.

Police believe that Hrindo had sex numerous times with the student for a period of three months, and because of that she of course has been charged with sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

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But there’s more, folks. Not only did Hrindo hook up with a student, but she’s also been charged with hindering apprehension for deleting compromising files and pictures from the student’s phone. I wonder what she deleted…

According to Hrindo’s lawyer, this was Hrindo’s first teaching job, and “she doesn’t want to go back to teaching.” Well, that’s going to be an easy one since no one else will hire her to look after children. Also, she didn’t even have a teaching license. So, nice job, Jersey.

Hrindo was immediately suspended after the Archdiocese of Newark, who oversees the school, got in touch with authorities about the case, which led to an investigation.

Hrindo may be put behind bars up to ten years if convicted.

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