Florida Couple Take 5-Year-Old To Bar, Get Wasted And Then Arrested

Photo: Doug Berry (Getty)

Well, they do live in Florida, so I understand the excessive drinking.

Oh Florida, where would the news be without you? We wouldn’t have crazy hostage situations caught on tape, employees stabbing their boss and running them over with a car, and we wouldn’t have this crazy couple who decided to take their kid to a bar.

David and Deana Pulis, a Palm Harbor couple, decided it would be a grand idea to take their five-year-old child to de Bine Brewing Company, a bar of course. And let’s just say that they got completely trashed and forgot to look after their kid.

So what went down at the bar? Well the couple not only took their kid to a bar and lost track of of their kid, but they also fought a manager, Deana passed out on a bench, and when a ride was called for the couple, Deana exited the car and blew chunks in front of the establishment. What a night.

The couple fought the manager after they were asked to leave the bar, and this pissed off David enough to punch him in the face. So of course both David and Deana were arrested, and their kid was taken into DCF custody.

Something tells me they won’t be getting their kid back anything soon. Something also tells me these trash bags are pretty useless members of society.

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