Drunk Burglar Returns To Scene Of Crime And It Doesn’t End Well

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The first rule of being a burglar: Never return to the scene of a crime. Hell, that’s just common sense.

A burglar in France decided it was time to rob some store. So of course he did just that. Now that should have been the end of things, and this should have just been a story of another random burglary. But thanks to this burglar, this story became hilarious after he returned to the store while completely trashed out of his mind.

And how did this end for the burglar? Well, he just got stuck in the hole in the window he had created to get in and out of the store.

Let’s take a look at this burglar in all his shame.

Drunk Burglar Returns To Scene Of Crime And It Doesn’t End Well

Now that’s just sad and hilarious all mixed up in one. Imagine what his burglar buddies will think when they see this. That’s what they call each other, right? Burglar buddies?

According to the Facebook page of the Gendarmerie des Pyrénées-Atlantiques a break-in was reported in the store but by the time the police had gotten there the suspect was gone. But police caught a break when they received another call the following morning and discovered that the same burglar had returned and was now stuck.

Just like taking candy from a baby.

Luckily for the burglar, firefighters helped pull him out of the hole, and police tossed him into a “drunk tank,” so he could sober up.

No word yet on why in the hell he returned to the scene of the crime, but perhaps he wanted to wipe down his prints. Right?

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