If You’re Gonna Rob A Gas Station Do It In A Shark Onesie Like This Guy Did

Photo: CBS

Because why the hell else would you buy a shark onesie?

Some thieves sure are unorthodox. If you don’t believe us, just check out the guys who dressed up like Rick James And Youngblood Priest to rob a bank. Or take a look at what might possibly be the most obvious thief of all time. But if you’re really bold, you can dress up in your shark onesie to rob a gas station. And that’s exactly what the lad below did.

The robbery, which occurred at a BP gas station in Canterbury, New Zealand, happened at about 2:20am, and featured two guys ready to rob the gas station. One guy was in some shorts and a hoodie, and armed with a hammer, while his accomplice decided to go with a shark onesie. Incredible.

shark onesie2

This guy sure looks comfortable.

Apparently the two men smashed a glass shelf, which made the person behind the counter run towards the staff room where a co-worker was having a break.

shark onsie

And guess what? These guys walked away with a bunch of stolen candy. That’s it.

Police were called and searched the area but failed to find the shark and his idiot friend. Although, they should probably follow the trail of candy.

h/t Metro

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