Utah Couple Arrested After Using Drone To Spy On Neighbors’ Bedrooms

Photo: agnormark (Getty)

I have to say that this sure is an odd way to reignite your relationship.

People sure do love using drones, as ever since they came out people have been using them for just about everything. From bringing hot, bikini-clad neighbors a beer, to catching your wife cheating in a CVS parking lot, drones are the wave of the future. Then again, you might use them illegally, which is why this Utah couple is now in trouble.

A 34-year-old mother of six named Terisha Lee Norviel, and her 39-year-old boyfriend named Aaron Dennis Foote have each been charged with misdemeanor voyeurism after it was discovered they had been using a high-tech drone to peep into the homes of their neighbors.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

The couple was busted after a witness spotted a drone flying outside his window, and he took the drone after following it and realizing it had landed in a church parking lot. The witness quickly turned over the drone to police.

And of course Utah police examined the drone and discovered, according to a search warrant, “multiple videos recording individuals inside their residences through windows. Some of the recordings were multiple stories high in apartment complexes.” Well that’s just creepy as all hell.

drone spying2

Police caught up to the couple after not only footage of Foote flying the drone was captured by himself, but also his truck, which of course included his license plate number. Nice move, dude.

Utah police decided to have a little fun with the couple before eventually arresting them. Take a look at what they shared on their Facebook.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Foote and Norviel are scheduled to attend preliminary hearings in the next several weeks. And I’m going to assume their drone flying days are over.

Via The Smoking Gun

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