Hysterical Map Of America Shows Each State’s Most Common Injury

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Amino’s website says they are “making health care simple and intuitive using data, design, and a whole lot of empathy,” and their latest tidbit of info sure reveals a lot about what’s ailing the United States of America.

Using 244 million health insurance claims in their database filed from 2012 through 2016, they put together a map of the country that identifies the most common injury in each of the 50 states. And if you’ve been wondering why so many headlines are coming out of Florida that involve guys jerking off in fast food joints, women masturbating while running naked through traffic and naked dudes covered in their own feces breaking into houses, well, the fact that the most common injury in the Sunshine State the last five years is a head injury should explain a lot.

Photo: Blend Images - ERproductions Ltd (Getty)

Photo: Blend Images – ERproductions Ltd (Getty)

Meanwhile in Texas, it looks as though an insect bite is what’s sending the majority of their population to the doctor’s office these days, although some of those insects are probably big enough to qualify as birds. No word as to what in the hell they’re doing for fun in Wisconsin and Minnesota these days, but they’re probably going to want to knock that shit off, as their number one reason for heading to the doc is spine dislocation.

And apparently the fine people of North Dakota and Nebraska need to take more vacations, as the most common injury in their states is overexertion, which is also something that has probably sent Ron Jeremy to the hospital once or twice.

What is the most common injury in your state? Have a look for yourself. Although if you’re in Kentucky, you might want to make sure you’re sitting down before you take a look at the map, as the most common injury in the Bluegrass State is falling.


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