This Map Shows The Top-Selling Musician Born In Each State

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This is the type of information you thought you never needed, but once you have it laid it in front of you you’re like, “hey, this is information I’m glad is in my brain. It will help with trivia night at the bar I’m always at alone.”

Are you ever on a road trip and turn on the radio and over 90% of it is country? Well looking at this map will help you make sense of things. Thanks to Redditor famicon3, who used data from Wikipedia, he was able to compile date to figure out just who are the top-selling musicians born in each state. And we mentioned country because you’re going to see musicians from Johnny Cash to John Denver to Linda Ronstadt to Randy Travis.

But don’t worry, because artists like The Killers, Eminem, Taylor Swift and…Everclear…are also on the list.

So check out the map below and see what the best-selling musician is in your state.

Illustration: Reddit

And a quick note thanks to Wide Open Country.

It’s important to note, this map covers people who were born in the state. Even if they moved. Or if its a band, the band was “born” in the state. That’s why Aerosmith hails from Vermont, though Steven Tyler hails from New York City.

Though you may think Beyonce reigns as Texas’ most popular artist currently, George Strait takes the title for best-selling artist from the state. And in fact, the Dixie Chicks usurp Beyonce’s 17 million-plus album sales. Though if you include her time with Destiny’s Child, Beyonce wins by a few million.

And hey, at least Florida can say they have the Backstreet Boys. That’s something.

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