Here’s Where You Can Expect To Find The Most Cockroaches And Rats In America

Photo: Science Picture Co (Getty)

Sorry, New York City. Any time you’re considered the “double-fisted king” of anything, it doesn’t sound sexy.

According to Bloomberg, 41 percent of the households in New Orleans reported some kind of cockroach infestation in 2015, making it the worst metropolitan area in the United States to be in if roaches aren’t your thing. And apparently Philadelphia is not only the “City of Brother Love,” but it’s also a city with a lot of fucking rats running around.

Let’s start with the bugs, shall we? “The Big Easy” might be home to the most cockroaches, but Houston, Miami and Atlanta are sniffing its ass as it crosses the finish line, coming it at well over 25 percent of their households affected by the vermins. Hell, if you’re looking for another reason to never set foot in Houston, the fact that 38 percent of the households there said they’ve got a roach problem is a damn good one.


And as far as the rats go, Philly might be the king of rats, but Boston, New York and Washington, D.C. are also places where you might find yourself with unexpected roommates. 18 percent of Philadelphia households reported an issue with rats while Boston just missed out on the top spot at 17 percent.


Meanwhile, New York City was the only metropolitan area to hit double-digits on both lists thanks to 16 percent of households reporting roaches and 15 percent reporting rodents. Plus, Donald Trump still lives there, but no word as to which one of these lists accounted for him.

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