20 Inappropriate Times People Took Selfies

Photo: BraunS (Getty)

When it comes to selfies, there is usually a time and a place (preferably never and nowhere), but if you’re going to take a selfie, don’t pick a wildly inappropriate time. Having said that, here are some of the best selfies taken at the most horribly wrong moments. The result? Loads of sexy selfies gone wrong and probably a lot of personal injury shortly after. Let this be a lesson to you, kiddies, watch your butt when you’re taking a front camera shot.

A little heads-up, this gallery is chock full of sexy girls, shark attacks, oncoming trains, police investigation, funeral parlor tricks, cemetery selfies, bad dental practices, live poo, raging bull and friendships that ended with a simple bathroom selfie. If you don’t think you’re old enough or mature enough to handle this kind of humor, go ahead and look anyways. There’s only one way you’re ever going to become a real man in 2017, and that’s by reading and clicking through countless Mandatory articles. It may be tough at times, brutal even, but it’ll be worth it in the end. And if you’re a woman, we can try to make you a man, too. Enjoy!

20 Inappropriate Times People Took Selfies

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