Las Vegas Man Sick Of Thieves Taking His Packages Leaves Box Of His German Shepherd’s Shit For Them This Time Around

Photo: Joe Raedle (Getty)

Don’t put it out with your boots, Ted!

These days if assholes decide to do assholes thing chances are they will be caught on tape — just like the woman who was caught stealing a whole bowl of candy. But only if there was a camera to capture the reaction of the thief who opened up his stolen package and discovered shit in it. Literally.

According to KARE11, a Las Vegas man sick of he and his neighbors getting their packages stolen off of their front porches by low-life piles of dog shit is being hailed as a hero after he took an actual giant pile of his dog’s shit, dropped it in a package and then waited for the thieves to come back and take the “bait.”

It’s just gotten to the point it’s getting worse,” Eric Snow told a local television station. “We decided to put out the bait package.”

That “bait package” was filled with “reprocessed dog chow” courtesy of Snow’s 95-pound German Shepherd Heidi, and Snow’s security cameras captured the thief coming by a short while later in his shitty car, running up to the porch and not thinking twice about running off with the bag o’shit.

And that’s something Snow and his neighbors are eating up.

“I thought it was hilarious,” Snow’s neighbor Sandra Goodwin laughed. “Hopefully these people will realize we’re tired of them.”

And their shit.

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