South African Man Gets Penis Stuck In Wedding Ring, Doctors ‘Puncture’ His Manhood To Get It Off

Photo: altrendo images (Getty).

How bored do you have to be to stick your dick through a wedding ring?

Well, according to News24, it’s not a matter of boredom, but rather the search for “erotic pleasure” that led a 28-year-old South African man to get his erect penis stuck in a ring recently. He wound up in the emergency room as a result.

The man was in “severe pain” (duh, you think?) when he was admitted to the hospital with a member that was “severely swollen and blue, and constricted with a ring at the middle section” and his mom by his side. He told doctors he had tried the ol’ cock through the ring game based on “the recommendation of friends.”

Yeah, those aren’t your friends, buddy.

Doctors tried everything from the “string method” to actually sawing the ring off, but they weren’t able to free the man’s boomstick from it until they made “multiple puncture aspirations” to his penis that were “applied with a 20ml syringe and a pink needle.” The swelling finally subsided, the ring was removed, and the man was reportedly in good shape.

penis stuck

Photo: GoneWithTheWindStock (Getty).

Just in case the photo above wasn’t enough of a mental picture for you, Metro posted the actual NSFW image of the man’s severely swollen junk for your viewing displeasure.

It will be a while before we can conclude which part of the story is more embarrassing for this guy — the fact that his penis actually fit inside the wedding ring or that his mom was the one who accompanied him to the hospital.

They’re doing this shit in China, too: Chinese Man Puts His Penis In Wedding Ring For Some Reason, Needs To Have It Surgically Removed