Minnesota Woman Arrested For DUI Blames It On Trump Winning The Election

Photo: Patrick Strattner (Getty)

And it begins.

People do strange things in the name of politics. Take for example the Florida Woman who made a donation of pubic hair to the Trump campaign. Or the Wisconsin woman who was arrested for drawing peanut butter dicks on cars she thought were at a Trump rally. And now a woman did this.

According to the Star Tribune, a Minnesota woman turned 33-years-old in the Anoka County Jail last Wednesday after she crashed her car into two vehicles stopped at a traffic light in Lino Lakes. The number 33 then made another appearance in Elizabeth Lundberg’s life several hours after the crash when a preliminary breath test revealed she had a BAC of .33, a mark that is “more than four times the legal limit for driving in Minnesota.”

Minnesota Woman Arrested For DUI Blames It On Trump Winning The Election


The excuse Lundberg gave to responding police officers for getting shithoused before getting behind the wheel of her car? You guessed it: She was still upset about Donald Trump being elected as this country’s next president.

“I am upset over the outcome of the election and you should let me go home,” she allegedly told the officers.

Lundberg also told police that she “had a couple of beers and didn’t feel intoxicated,” but she failed to mention the empty vodka bottle they eventually found in her “saturated” purse. She also told the Star Tribune she was upset that the Lino Lakes Police Department posted her story on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“I think it’s strange that a police department can tweet something someone said that is so outlandish,” she said.

It’s unknown if “outlandish” is also the word she would use to describe someone who is more than four times the legal limit getting behind the wheel of a car, crashing it into two vehicles and causing minor injuries to those drivers.

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