George W. Bush Painting A Portrait Had To Get Photoshopped

Photo: Ronald Martinez (Getty)

Since you laughed your ass off (hopefully) at the Donald Trump shaking hands with Barack Obama photo that got photoshopped, and you had an awesome time checking out all those hilarious Joe Biden memes, I think it’s time we check out someone else who used to hang inside the White House: George W. Bush.

Realizing who will be our next president, it now seems that Bush wasn’t that terrible of a president. OK, he was, but I’m just trying to stay positive. But if you’re wondering what Bush has been up to it seems like he’s just spending his time painting portraits.

Let’s first check out the original photo:

George W. Bush Painting A Portrait Had To Get Photoshopped


Photo: Facebook/George W. Bush

Now let’s check out what the internet did to it thanks to Reddit:

Once again the lovely folks on the internet come through. But in all seriousness, George actually honors wounded warriors by painting their portraits, and he’s painted close to 100 portraits of wounded men and women, so let’s give George some kudos for this pretty awesome thing he’s doing.

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