A GoFundMe Has Been Started For A Hot Donald Trump Supporter Who Wants A ‘Lock Her Up’ Ass Tattoo

And that’s how our country is currently doing.

There are people out there that sure do a lot of strange things in the name of politics. Take for example the two porn stars who offered every non-Donald Trump voter a free blow job. But if you’re a Trump supporter like the girl below, have you considered an ass tattoo in his honor?

Clemson University student Peyton Darnell is obviously a Trump supporter, because look what she tweeted before the election results.

Well guess what? Trump won. And that tweet came back to haunt Peyton:

Peyton clearly isn’t the brightest bulb, but she’s also broke and can’t afford no classy tattoo.

Then someone tossed her an idea…

And well, Peyton did it.


And look what Peyton says in her GoFundMe page:

The night of the election, I tweeted “I will literally get a “Lock Her Up” ass tat if Trump can pull this off”. Sure enough, Trump pulled off.

I forgot about the tattoo promise until Busted Coverage released an article about my tattoo. I have $1.96 in my bank account, but people have offered to pay for it if I created a gofundme. And after being called out by BC, i can’t let it go.

Any amount donated past what it costs to pay for the tattoo will be donated to Operation Homefront, a veteran nonprofit that provides assistance to veterans and their families.

Help spread the word!

And now we wait for proof. Until then, check out Peyton here:

Photo: Twitter/Peyton Darnell

Photo: Twitter/Peyton Darnell

Good luck, Peyton.

Via Busted Coverage

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