New Music | Eminem Unleashes Sh*t Storm on President Trump

Photo: Scott Legato (Getty Images)

Eminem has set the bar high in President Trump bashing with a freestyle rap that eviscerated the 45th.

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Eminem laid down the gauntlet with a video, entitled “The Storm” on last night’s BET Hip Hop Awards’ that quickly went viral.

 The fast and ferocious freestyle was filmed in the rapper’s hometown of Detroit in an underground parking garage and takes Marshall Mathers back to his gritty 8 Mile days with a 4.5 minute verbal assault that accuses the president of racism and disrespecting military veterans, while saluting Colin Kaepernick and making Trump supporter fans of his choose between him and POTUS

“And any fan of mine/who’s a supporter of his/I’m drawing in the sand a line/you’re either for or against/and if you can’t decide/who you like more and you’re split/on who you should stand beside/I’ll do it for you with this,” Eminem rhymes.

But, perhaps his greatest feat is managing to (kinda) rhyme “orange”, which drew props from fellow Trump basher, Lebron James

This is probably only the opening salvo as Eminem is rumored to be releasing a new album this year and President Trump is probably already composing a Twitter retort as I type. Get your popcorn ready.


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