Texas Cop Fired After Trying To Give Poop Sandwich To Homeless Man

Photo: NightAndDayImages (Getty)

What. A. Dick.

Hey, this cop who let a criminal steal his car, and the cops who had to deal with a drunk LSU idiot now seem like the best cops on the planet compared to the trash bag below.

According to CBS News, a San Antonio police officer who had been with the force for five years was fired Friday after an internal investigation revealed that he tried to give a poop sandwich to a homeless man who was sleeping earlier this year.

Police Chief William McManus said the investigation revealed Matthew Luckhurst actually bragged to another officer in May that he had “picked up feces, placed it on bread and put it in a Styrofoam container next to a sleeping homeless man.” That officer then told Luckhurst to go back and get the container, but it’s unclear if that actually happened.

Texas Cop Fired After Trying To Give Poop Sandwich To Homeless Man

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McManus said that at least two officers reported Luckhurst’s turd sandwich maneuver to their supervisors, which was actually a nice piece of positive news to come out this absurd situation.

“This was a vile and disgusting act that violates our guiding principles of ‘treating all with integrity, compassion, fairness and respect’,” McManus said. “The fact that his fellow officers were so disgusted with his actions that they reported him to Internal Affairs demonstrates that this type of behavior will never be tolerated.”

With Christmas right around the corner, let’s hope Luckhurst looks into his stocking this year and finds something other than coal. And then we’ll call it even.

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