Woman Wins $43 Million On Slot Machine, Casino Refuses To Give Her A Single Dollar Of It

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Well, I should really say “Wins,” because according to the casino she was at they say she in fact didn’t win a damn thing.

There are some people that are quite lucky out there – like the woman who had her car “stolen” only to get it back with a great note and some gas money. And then there is the Wisconsin teacher who showed up drunk to a school field trip and somehow won money in a lawsuit. But then there are people like the woman below who just went from the pinnacle of joy to the bottom barrel of sorrow.

Katina Bookman was all smiles when she took a selfie near the slot machine at the Resorts World Casino in New York that read she had won close to $43 million. The only problem is she hadn’t won anything at all.

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

After her “winnings,” Katrina was quickly surronded by other casino customers and security, as she was escorted off the casino floor. But guess what? She was quickly notified she hadn’t won anything because the machine had malfunction. Yep. Like a sledgehammer to the stomach. And it gets worse: The casino only offered her a free steak dinner. Unless that steak dinner is worth $43 million I doubt Katrina accepted it.

“They win and the house doesn’t want to pay out. To me that’s unfair,” says her attorney, Alan Ripka. Ripka suggested that the casino should have at least given Katrina the max winnings allowed on the Sphinx machine: $6500.

And according to the state gaming commission, apparently Katrina was told that the slot machine had malfunction, and that all machines that malfunction “void all pays and plays.” How convenient.

Also, according to the New York State Gaming Commission, the shit-slot machine was pulled from the floor, fixed and brought back out.

The gaming commission says they can’t pay Katrina by law, but she’s entitled to her winning of, and get this: $2.25. So yep, Katrina is planning to sue the casino and we hope she cleans house.

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