Wisconsin Teacher Shows Up To Work Drunk And Passes Out On Field Trip, Somehow Wins Money In A Lawsuit

Photo: RyersonClark (Getty)

Well, while some teachers are busy telling students to lick them where they fart, other teachers are getting drunk on field trips — just like the British teacher that was fired for being drunk on a school trip and eating chips from between her boobs. But while that teacher was fired, the one below was a hell of a lot more lucky.

During a field trip to a bowling alley in 2013, teacher Maria Caya was found passed out in a bathroom from drinking way too much, and she had to be taken to a hospital. So what do you get for being drunk on the job around children? Well, you get $75,000, which is exactly what Caya got in a lawsuit.


On a recommendation from the city attorney, the City Coucil met to settle a $5.5 million lawsuit Caya’s attorney filed (yep, you read that right). Caya and her attorney claim the city mishandled the investigation into the incident and caused undue harm.

Here’s what Caya’s lawsuit claimed according to WKOW:  The Janesville Police Department improperly released blood test results, saying it was confidential medical information.

So the real issue here is not that this drunk decided to drink on the job around children — a job where her focus is to protect kids and keep them safe, but apparently the issue here is that Caya’s medial information was released and now everyone knows she enjoys hitting the bottle. Makes sense.

Caya’s teaching license has since expired, and she resigned from the school district a few weeks after everything went down. Oh, and she also got $18,000 after being released. Nice job, America.

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