If You’ve Been Dying To Watch Kim Kardashian Virtually Pleasure Herself, You’re In Luck

Some guys get extremely specific when it comes to the porn that, well, does the job for them. The folks at Vivid Entertainment know this more than most, and it appears as though they’re finally releasing a virtual reality experience for those gentlemen who want to get off to the fantasy of watching the Kim Kardashian sex tape while at the same time watching a Kim Kardashian lookalike diddle herself.

Photo: Vivid

Photo: Vivid

So if dressing up in a Kim Kardashian getting robbed costume, or Kim showing off her bare buns on Instagram wasn’t your thing, perhaps this will be.

According to the New York Post, here’s what guys will have the opportunity to punch their clowns to in the very near future:

“The viewer finds themselves sitting on a bed watching the Kardashian sex tape. After watching the real Kardashian in action, a lookalike steps into the shot and begins to perform for the helmet-wearing viewer.

‘Hi there, I like your room,’ she says.

‘I know you bought the video because you wanna see me. Why don’t we just play here?’

She then sets about pleasuring herself with a sex toy as you watch from the comfort of your own bed.”

No word if there will be a secret code you can enter to lock the Kardashian lookalike and the rest of her sisters in the room and throw away the key when you’re finished, but one can only hope.

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