Woman Receives Unsolicited Dick Pic From Complete Stranger, Responds With Perfect Letter

Photo: Darren Robb (Getty)

Some people enjoy drawing peanut butter dicks on cars, while some people sometimes get their dick stuck between magnets because God is rough sometimes. But when those things aren’t occurring, most fellas are sending out dick pics to women. And sure, if the gal is asking for a picture, by all means send her your friend in all its glory. But if you have no idea who the woman is and you’re just in the mood to send her your junk, be prepared to have her not be very happy.

And while some people will block that person and throw up, a woman named Sarah-Louise Jordan decided to go a different route. Sarah received a dick pic from a stranger who she obviously did not know and obviously didn’t ask for. So Sarah made sure to write the dude a perfect letter. This Twitter was nice enough to share it with the internet world.

And here it is blown up so you can read every line of it.


Photo: Twitter


Photo: Twitter

Man, look at how damn classy this letter is. Looks like it is straight out of Hogwarts. This is worse than getting rejected by a woman, this is getting rejected by a letter with a classy letterhead. That dude probably stayed up all night crying, or looking at his penis and blaming it for all his problems. Of course, I’m only assuming.

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