Ghost Pepper Tears Hole Into Man’s Esophagus After He Eats It

Photo: Fotosearch (Getty)

When it comes to eating a ghost pepper or Carolina Reaper, it’s a lot like sticking your dick in a toaster: Don’t do it. Hell, don’t smoke it either.

According to The Huffington Post, one 47-year-old probably wishes somebody would have given that advice before he ate a ghost pepper on his burger because he wound up spending 23 days in the hospital last month after the damn thing tore a 2.5-cm hole in his esophagus.


Photo: The Journal Of Emergency Medicine

The man reportedly began “violently retching and vomiting” after swallowing the pepper despite the fact that he consumed six large glasses of water afterward in a failed effort to crush the heat.

It got even more fun from there:

“The man was rushed to hospital where medical personnel determined that he was suffering from Boerhaave syndrome, or spontaneous esophageal rupture. The patient was taken to the operating room ‘where he was noted to have a 2.5-cm tear in the distal esophagus,’ which had food debris in it, according to the journal. Doctors discharged the patient after he underwent emergency surgery and remained in hospital for 23 days.”

So it’s official: If you still want to ingest a ghost pepper after reading that, you’re a moron.

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