Irish Student Drunkenly Applies For His Student ID Using A Snapchat-Filtered Photo

Photo: marionbirdy (Getty)

I guess you can’t file this guy under the ten most successful drunks in history.

While you were off thinking about ice cream you can get drunk off, the poor student in this story is probably going to lay of any type of alcohol for a hell of a long time after he was so drunk he actually applied for his student ID using a Snapchat-filtered photo.

Daire Shaw is a Belfast student who is currently going to college in Liverpool. And like any college you attend you need to get yourself a student ID that will include a photo that will usually stick with you for a long time. Well, poor Daire might now want to hear that because this is what occurs when you apply for a student ID while drunk:

Photo: Daire Shaw/ Facebook

Photo: Daire Shaw/ Facebook

That’s right. He can now blame alcohol for that gem.

“Jesus Christ I drunkenly applied for my NUS card and it asked for a photo so I picked one with a snapchat filter why did they accept this I can never use it as ID,” Daire said on his Facebook.

It looks like that will be his picture until next fall at least.

This post racked up over 14,000 likes since he shared it. “I’d completely forgotten I even did it until I checked my post on my birthday and saw the card,” Daire recalls. I’m pretty sure they thought I genuinely looked like that and were too worried to ask any questions. No one from NUS or anything has been in contact with me about it either.”

And if you’re wondering, this is what Daire really looks like:

Photo: Daire Shaw/Facebook

Photo: Daire Shaw/Facebook

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