British Woman Gives Birth After Kid Dressed As Clown Scares The Crap Out Of Her

Photo: Saul Loeb (Getty)

I hate clowns more than I hate the Minnesota Vikings, and as a Packers fan, that’s a pretty bold statement. But it’s safe to say this formerly pregnant British woman probably hates clowns even more than I do.

Clowns are scary as all hell, and they’ve been stalking everyone recently it seems, but according to The LAD Bible, the reason the woman is no longer pregnant is because a 17-year-old kid recently dressed up as a clown in the English town of Whitlock and jumped out from behind a tree or bush or some crap to scare the shit out of her while she was out for a walk, and it appears as though the maneuver was responsible not for the woman’s shit falling out of her but rather her 8-month-old fetus.


woman birth scary clown


Other than the Facebook post, there really isn’t any proof that the incident took place, but based on some of the stories that we’ve seen lately, whether it’s a “killer clown” lurking outside a McDonald’s drive-thru or clowns with knives supposedly chasing kids into the woods, it’s sadly a story that doesn’t seem to be that far-fetched.

Of course, it’s only a matter of time before this ridiculous clown prank takes a turn for the even worse and somebody resorts to either beating the snot out of one of these morons or popping a cap in one of their asses. That’ll end their precious little field trip pretty damn quick. I mean, can’t clowns be funny like these clowns?

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