Another Teacher Was Caught Having Sex With Two Students In Her Classroom On The Same Damn Day

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Can someone please explain to me what the hell is in some teacher’s morning coffee? First we had the Texas teacher who got pregnant by a 13-year-old boy after having “sex everyday,” and then we had the Georgia substitute teacher who invited two students back to her home to hook up with them both. And guess what? Another teacher has been caught doing the dirty with her students.


Photo: Myriam Jones

June Kendall, a married 29-year-old science teacher, is accused of getting two students all hot and bothered by sending both of them explicit pictures of herself through Snapchat. The snaps were images of Kendall undressed, according to prosecutors.

Over time, Kendall ended up having sex with one of the boys in her classroom, and then they had sex again a few weeks later. But that wasn’t enough for the teacher as she ended up hooking up with another student in her classroom, as a witness saw the teacher and student leaving Kendall’s classroom after being alone for about 25 minutes.

Of course the student spilled the beans, as did the witness, and police were quickly called.


Kendall is currently on admin leave, and is being charged with two counts of sexual assault. And guess what? Her husband and her father are still standing by her side, according to her lawyer, Robert Kerr. The hell?

Brace yourself for another similar story coming out in a few days. Followed by another and another. Probably.

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