Man Gets Robbed At ATM, Returns To The Scene Minutes Later And Runs Over The Douche Who Robbed Him

Screenshot: CBS Philly

Write that down, boys and girls, because that is the perfect definition of sweet justice.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, a Portuguese immigrant driving a shitty Chevy Cobalt Monday evening was robbed as he pulled up to a Wells Fargo ATM in Philadelphia, but unlike most robbery stories, this one has a happy ending because the victim returned to scene of the crime moments later and took matters into his own hands.

Or maybe we should say his own “foot.”

Screenshot: CBS Philly

That’s because the victim initially sped off to prevent his wife and small child from being harmed by the thief who robbed them at gunpoint, but he realized moments later that he had left his debit card at the scene of the crime. On the chance that the debit card would still be there, the man turned the car around and drove back to the ATM.

The man told police he didn’t initially see his debit card when he returned, but he did see something else. Yup, you guessed it: The asshole who had just robbed him was still standing there for some reason. The victim stepped on the gas, ran over the 49-year-old assailant and then got out of the vehicle and rifled through his pockets to retrieve not only the cash that the man had stolen from him but also his debit card.

Police eventually found the robber lying in the middle of the street with a severe head wound. They drove him to the hospital, where he’ll be holed up for about a week before being booked on robbery charges downtown. Surveillance footage backed up the victim’s story, so he won’t be charged for anything because he was the “victim of a robbery.”

And he’s also a badass.

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