Oklahoma Couple Finds Mouse Head In Their Can Of Green Beans

Photo: DEA / C. GALASSO (Getty)

Turns out that buying a few cans of Best Choice green beans ironically was not the best choice a Midwest City couple made over the weekend.

Hell, it wasn’t even a good choice.

According to KFOR-TV, Chelsea and Andrew Belflower were preparing an Easter feast but got a little more protein than they wanted when they opened a can of Best Choice cut green beans, poured them into a crock pot and noticed there was a severed mouse head accompanying their vegetables.

Oklahoma couple finds mouse head in their can of green beans

“We started opening them and putting them in the crock pot and by about the fourth can, something dumped out into the crock pot, and my husband noticed it and said, ‘What is that?'” Chelsea told a local television crew.

Yeah, that “that” turned out to be none other than a mouse head, and there was even a mouse leg to go along with it.

“I just noticed there was something black in the green beans and was like that’s not normal,” Chelsea’s husband Andrew said. “So I picked it up and threw it. Mouse head!”

The Belflowers said they contacted Best Choice, but they were unable to speak with anybody over the weekend. A company spokesperson has since said cans of their green beans would be pulled from store shelves in Oklahoma.

The couple also said they managed to save their meal thanks to some baked beans, although we’re pretty sure their guests had lost the majority of their appetite by then anyway.

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