Australian Man Claims He Found Mouse In His Hamburger

Photo: Dejan Kola (Getty)

If watching a dude jump onto 1000 mousetraps was satisfying, something tells me this story won’t be as satisfying. And what we mean by that is that a Perth man named Bruce Blackburn is claiming that while he was eating a burger at the Civic Hotel in Inglewood, he actually bit into a dead mouse.

Here’s what Blackburn had to say:

“I ordered three sliders and chips – just a small burger as they are. I took a couple of bites of the first one and it was fine. And then the third one I couldn’t actually bite it. And I realized there was a full-fledged hairy mouse in the meat patty. My reaction was to drop it straight away and feel sick, to be honest.”

And if you have a strong stomach here’s what Blackburn saw:

According to Blackburn the hotel has given him his money back but has not offered up an apology yet. And yet the internet isn’t too sure about this story. Here are some of the reactions:

Yet one person said the man is telling the truth, saying this:

“There were only six of us at the table. Bruce definitely had a mouse in hone of his slider burgers.”

I don’t know about you all, but I usually look at what I’m eating, so it should probably go without saying that it’s probably best you are aware of what goes in your mouth.

h/t The West Australian

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