Florida Grandmother High On Drugs Caught Having Sex In Rec Center Bathroom In Front Of Her Grandson

Well, the fact that she’s a grandmother at the age of 42 suddenly became far less unbelievable.

According to the Palm Beach Post, a Boynton Beach woman “high on Xanax, morphine and vodka” was arrested earlier this week after she was seen by several children having sex in a rec center bathroom.

One of those kids? You guessed it: Her two-year-old grandson, who she had in the bathroom with her while an unnamed man took her to pound town.

42-year-old grandmother had sex in front of grandson
Police said another child told them he saw April Purvis and the man “having sex” inside a bathroom at the recreation and fitness center of an apartment complex and heard the two of them “moaning.”

When the man emerged from the bathroom, he offered the kid some money to “go away.” But when the kid returned, he saw Purvis “unconscious on the bathroom floor holding both her grandson and a knife.”

Thinking she was dead, the child screamed for help, and police arrived on the scene a short while later. A quick inspection of her apartment in the same complex revealed that Purvis was living without electricity and running water.

Both Purvis and her grandson were taken to a nearby hospital, and the boy’s mother eventually arrived to pick him up. She told police that Purvis helps to “care for him,” a phrase that apparently has an entirely different meaning in the state of Florida.

Only time will tell if Purvis’ grandson will have an uncle roughly three years younger than him, and based on what we know, that scenario seems more possible than not. I mean, if you’re having sex in front of your grandson in a rec center bathroom, then odds are neither protection nor pulling out was part of the equation on that day.

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