Kid Barfs in Portland Bookstore Then Sends Amazing Apology Letter

Well done, kid. You had us at “Attention Barf Cleaners.”

According to Elite Daily, some poor kid named Jack walked into Powell’s Books last month and may or may not have purchased a book, but he for sure left the staff “10 to 12 feet” worth of puke to clean up.

Realizing how god awful it must have been to clean up his massive puddle of barf, the kid did his best to totally redeem himself by sending the store an apology letter and a Ben & Jerry’s gift card. Of course, it was so damn cute that it went viral.

Let’s be honest: If this isn’t the children’s equivalent to a Pulitzer Prize-winning publication, I don’t know what is. Here’s another view of the complete letter with text below:

barf apology letter, attention barf cleaners

This Ben and Jerry’s card is for the people who cleaned up the throwup of a kid on Friday the 28th. I don’t know their names but I thank them alot and I’m sorry again for throwing up and hope you enjoy your ice cream.


Jack, aka the kid that puked right next to the bathroom

Hopefully, it wasn’t Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that made this kid hurl, as then it would be considered a sick joke instead of the cutest apology letter of all time.