Celebrities Who’ve Exploded Social Media

So Ellen broke Twitter with her Oscar night selfie — and Kim K failed in her recent attempt to explode the internet with her recent butt pic (but came close). But there are other famous folks who are totally nailing the whole social media thing, and they deserve some props. Here are eight of our favorites, including some awesome throwbacks.

This photo of Peter Dinklage rocking one of the most impressive mullets ever seen went crazy on Reddit, garnering hundreds of comments and thousands of shares.
What’s better than having Jeff Goldblum agree to be in your wedding photo? Photoshopping in a T-Rex, Jurassic Park-style, obviously.
The Rock put everyone’s TBT to shame with this Facebook post. We especially appreciate the carefully-curated hashtags: #90sRock #WTF #BuffLesbian.
Portuguese pro soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has over 100 million fans on Facebook — that’s equivalent to the entire population of the Philippines. He keeps his fans happy with family photos, professional sports updates and info on his new shirt line. Facebook even gave him an award for hitting the big 100 mil — pictured here.
Her champagne-glass-balancing-act may not have broken the internet, but this wedding photo holds the title of Most Liked Photo on Instagram — proof that there are over 2.3 million idiots online (and reason why we can’t have nice things).
Jason Biggs cracked this joke just a little bit too soon … it was retweeted and responded to thousands of times before he was able to delete it and issue an apology.
Rihanna’s not exempt from Instagram’s code of conduct; when she posted this topless photo from the cover of French magazine Lui, her account was shut down — bad news for us, and her other eight million followers.
While fans were missing out on Kobe on the court, during a recovery period, Bryant kept us posted on his progress and entertained three million Instagrammers with shots like this, which yielded hundreds of thousands of likes.