Dead Rodent Found In Sandwich At NYC Salad Shop

I really hope you don’t plan on eating any time soon. And if you do, you should probably move on and not look at this disgusting picture.

Seriously, it might make you puke.

Ok, here you go. You asked for it at this point.

Actually, lets’ just go over what we know first. Then I’ll show you the disgusting photo of a sandwich with a rat inside of it.

So employees at the New York City law firm Stroock ordered lunch from their nearby Chop’t franchise. The employees were digging in to their lunches when someone let out a loud scream.

And now we get to the horrible photo.

Ugh. Yep. That looks like a dead rodent inside a sandwich to me. Disgusting. And apparently not only disgusting but traumatizing as well. The employee who this happened to refuses to talk to any media about the incident and all of her co-workers have since taken down their tweets and photos from yesterday.

Chop’t founder Tony Shure guarantees everyone that this particular shop had an A grade from the health inspector. I’m sure that’s much consolation to the person who bit into a rat during a standard Tuesday afternoon work lunch.

And here’s one more disgusting photo just because…

Via Gothamist