US Airways Made an Emergency Landing Because a Dog Pooped in the Aisle

It looks like you can finally blame this one on the dog and not be lying about it.

According to the New York Daily News, a US Airways flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia had to make an emergency landing in Kansas City last week … wait for it … because a dog dropped a deuce in the aisle. Twice.

US Airways Flight 598 had already been delayed for more than two hours after refueling crews at LAX International Airport dumped fuel all over the tarmac. That was more than likely a factor in Fido dumping his brownies in the aisle.

Passengers of course took to Twitter to bitch about the episode, with some going as far as saying people were dry heaving and becoming nauseous thanks to the stench left behind from the service pooch. But nobody captured #DogShitGate better than Chris Law:

Who knows? Maybe Law’s grandmother was just jealous the dog only had to poop twice in one day.

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