Two New York Men Busted for Sexually Abusing Cows

Maybe we should all stop being so hard on people who spend their entire day inside playing video games. I mean, hey, at least they’re not outside molesting farm animals.

New York State Police in Herkimer County have arrested two men for allegedly trying to film each other having sex with cows. I repeat, these two men were arrested after attempting to hump cows:

men arrested sexually abusing cows

Even more of an “udder” disgrace? Their actions resulted in just a misdemeanor sexual misconduct charge.

According to police, a farmer noticed his cows were acting abnormal and not producing as much milk as usual, so he set up surveillance cameras to see if he could figure out why. But instead of finding a wolf or coyote spooking his cows, he found Michael Jones and Reid Fontaine sexually abusing them.

Upon their arrest, Jones admitted to agreeing to film Fontaine attempting to have sex with the cows, which I think is the premise of Jackass 4.

No word as to whether or not the farmer was thankful that he doesn’t own sheep, as well.

(via Huffington Post)

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