90 German Cows Start Fire By Farting

Photo: knape (Getty)

Sadly, there is no YouTube clip available of what we’re calling “the funniest damn thing we’ve heard in 2014.”

According to Reuters, German police have confirmed that a farm shed in Rasdorf, Germany exploded yesterday, leaving one hole in the roof and one cow being treated for burns. And apparently, the cow has nobody to blame but himself and his comrades:

High levels of the gas had built up in the structure, then “a static electric charge caused the gas to explode with flashes of flames.”

The gas? One hundred percent all natural methane courtesy of 90 cow farts.

90 German Cows Start Fire By Farting


Police couldn’t confirm whether or not the injured cow was the first one to rip ass, nor was it clear just what in the hell they ate.

According to a report last year in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, cows in the United States were contributing to global warming by spewing twice the methane that scientists had previously thought, with the majority of it coming from burping, manure, and blowing mud.

But are cow farts really the main culprit of global warming? Probably not. Are they hysterical when they start a German barn on fire? You bet your ass biscuits they are.

(via Reuters)

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