Should You Call In Sick Today? – A Flowchart

man in bed turning off alam clock. Photo: Tara Moore (Getty).

You’re faced with tough decisions every morning. Should you call in sick today? Do you have enough time to take a pre-work poo? Is today the day you end it all? Well, we have the first one covered, at least.

There are a lot of variables that go into the decision of whether or not to call off work. Most of them have to do with your level of hatred toward the job, but they are all valid nonetheless. The following chart takes it all into careful consideration and guides you in the direction of the best choice possible. Unless, of course, you just really don’t want to go to work regardless. You might find yourself SOL in that particular case.

Should You Call In Sick Today? – A Flowchart

should you call in sick today flowchart

You might want to save a few sick days for when you are ACTUALLY sick, because no one wants to work through that: Ranking The Worst Ways To Get Sick