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This $79 Portable Mini Fridge Will Save Your Summer

It’s a hot one this summer! Stay hydrated and fueled with cold beverages and snacks in the summer heat with a portable mini fridge.

The Uber Chill XL Personal Mini Fridge is the appliance you need where you can store up to 12 cans of soda or seltzer or six water bottles. It’s a hot deal right now and it’s on sale for a limited time at just $79.99.

Not only is this deal perfect for hot summer weather, but it’s part of our Back to Education sale. The purpose of this sale is to help students and kids in need by donating $0.50 per unit sold to a school or charity. And YOU get to vote on which school or charity you want your purchase going towards. 

Now back to the mini fridge…you can put it almost anywhere including your desk, bedside, or even in your car with the included AC/DC cable. How cool is that? Having an actual refrigerator in your car?! It measures 14″ x 14″ so it’s compact and convenient to place in almost any desired space.

As for your drinks, they will be cooled down to 32° F and even warm up items up to 135° F at standard room temperature. Plus, it’s nice and spacious inside for its compact size. Other important features include its low noise-level fan, removable shelf, and locking hinge to ensure the contents don’t fall out. And bonus points for those who love all things nostalgia or retro! You’ll love the fun throwback design of this fridge!

Once again, for every purchase made from our Back to Education collection, a portion of the profits will be donated to students or kids in need of things like school supplies. This sale is only from Aug. 10 to Aug. 24, so get in on it soon! Save money today while it’s still discounted at $79.99.

Prices subject to change.